Dark Web Monitoring.

Why Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web Monitoring is a proactive cybersecurity measure that allows organizations to set up personalized alerts for data matching on the dark web, such as employee emails and passwords. By scanning dark web marketplaces and forums, this monitoring system identifies compromised information and triggers immediate notifications to both the organization and their managed IT services provider. Timely alerts enable swift incident response, facilitating password resets, notifying affected individuals, and implementing additional security measures. The collaboration between the organization and the IT services provider enhances the effectiveness of incident response efforts, including forensic analysis and the implementation of preventive measures. By leveraging Dark Web Monitoring, organizations can proactively protect sensitive data and strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.

Why Partner With Threads IT Solutions?

Threads IT Solutions is dedicated to being the leading IT consulting firm in Edmonton. Our comprehensive range of services includes Managed IT Services, IT Support Services, Security Support Services, and Cloud Services. We take pride in our Canadian team and have complete confidence in the quality of our IT services.

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Threads excelled in installing our security systems, offering tons of options to suit our needs. We greatly appreciated their attention to detail, such as providing comprehensive documentation following the installation.

Jasman M.

Threads successfully handled various aspects of our office, including security management, networking, and software and hardware maintenance. We were consistently impressed with their prompt resolution of issues.

Sunil T.

I am extremely satisfied with Threads. They managed our network storage and backups. It gave me peace of mind for our data security and accessibility.

Rattan A.

I am happy with the on-call response provided by Threads. I was worried about the downtime. The team quickly addressed the problem and restored the systems. Couldn't be happier.

Anmol D.

A few things our
clients normally ask us

Design & Development Process
Threads follows a meticulous design and development process that ensures the creation of high-quality and customized solutions. By leveraging industry best practices and a collaborative approach, they engage clients throughout the entire process to understand their unique requirements, resulting in efficient project execution and the delivery of cutting-edge IT solutions.
What is Our Refund Policy
The IT company maintains a customer-centric approach with its refund policies, aiming to ensure utmost satisfaction. In the event of any dissatisfaction or issues, the company offers a transparent refund policy that enables clients to request refunds within a specified timeframe, promoting trust and confidence in their services.
Our Processing Time
Threads offers flexible processing times tailored to the specific needs and urgency of each client, ensuring efficient and timely resolution of their IT requirements. Whether it's a quick turnaround for urgent issues or a more extensive time frame for complex projects, the company adapts to deliver results according to the client's timeline.
How do I Pay and Payment Method
Threads offers flexible payment options to accommodate diverse client preferences. They accept various payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and online payment platforms, ensuring convenience and ease of transaction. Additionally, the company provides transparent pricing structures and clear invoicing processes to maintain transparency and facilitate smooth financial transactions.