Our comprehensive IT consulting services cover all your needs. Experience the convenience of a single point of contact for fully managed IT support.

IT Consulting

Experienced IT consultants leverage their technical expertise and business intelligence to drive transformative change and achieve tangible outcomes.

IT Support

A team with skilled technical resources situated throughout Canada, Threads assists organizations by providing managed IT services, managed IT security services, on-site deployment services, and round-the-clock help desk support.

IT Procurement

The presales team at Threads supports you in selecting the optimal business application software and hardware, while also assisting with ongoing software subscription renewals and managing the lifecycle of your hardware.

Data Backup Solutions

Protecting your company from the severe consequences of data loss is paramount, making a data backup solution indispensable. Our solutions prioritize simplicity and efficiency, while maintaining the highest levels of security and functionality.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) involves assessing an organization's capacity to recover and resume normal business operations following a disaster or significant system failure.

Cyber Security Training

By leveraging industry-proven human and cyber security intelligence, Cyber Security Training empowers organizations to proactively monitor, detect, and analyze the dark web for any compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

Security Assessments

Implementing cyber security risk assessment and management is a proactive strategy that enables organizations to safeguard their IT infrastructure and reputation from the constantly evolving cyber threats they encounter regularly.

Dark Web Monitoring

By utilizing Dark Web Monitoring, it becomes possible to set up personalized alerts. If any data matching, such as employee emails and passwords, is discovered on the dark web, both your organization and the managed IT services provider will receive timely notifications.

Office IT Relocation Services

Experience the cost-effective and seamless office IT relocation services provided by Threads, simplifying your move to a new location while ensuring minimal disruption and uninterrupted technology uptime.

IT Security

In today's business landscape, the ever-present threat of cyber attacks requires constant vigilance. Partnering with Threads allows us to swiftly fortify your network and infrastructure. With our expertise in IT Security, cutting-edge tools, comprehensive services, and employee training, we can effectively safeguard your organization against the latest threats.

Help Desk Support Services

With the ever-evolving nature of technology, the team at Threads has been instrumental in leveraging the latest advancements to ensure uninterrupted network performance. Through their proactive managed IT services, they have prioritized network security and provided our employees with prompt and effective technical support.

Network and Computer Support Services

With technology constantly evolving, the team at Threads has been instrumental in leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure uninterrupted network availability. Through their proactive managed IT services, they have effectively safeguarded our network, providing our employees with prompt and efficient access to their skilled technical support team.

Remote IT Support And Monitoring

With Threads, we receive predictable monthly IT budget costs, ensuring no unexpected expenses or downtime. While our previous managed IT services were satisfactory, they didn't align with our business goals and hindered our progress. However, Threads not only provided us with the right IT solution but also presented a comprehensive business plan to address all our future requirements.

Website Development

Threads is a leading provider of web development services, offering businesses customized and visually stunning websites. With their expertise in web technologies and user-centric design, they create responsive and optimized websites that align with clients' brand identity and goals. From simple sites to complex web applications, Threads delivers intuitive, secure, and impactful web solutions for businesses.

Cloud Services

Threads specializes in seamless cloud migration and offering various cloud services. They address security concerns, ensure uptime, and provide flexible options for combining managed cloud services and IT support. Their focus is on freeing up resources for business growth.

Big Data & Analytics

Threads is your trusted partner for Big Data & Analytics services. We offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions. With our experienced team of data scientists and cutting-edge technologies, we enable organizations to harness the power of big data for growth and competitive advantage.

Visualization & Reporting

Threads specializes in Visualization & Reporting services, helping businesses transform complex data into actionable insights. Their team of experts creates visually appealing and interactive reports, intuitive dashboards, and custom data visualizations to empower businesses with valuable information for informed decision-making and driving growth.


Threads offers transformative DataOps services to businesses, optimizing data operations, ensuring data quality, and maximizing data value. With expertise in data management, integration, and analytics, Threads empowers organizations to make informed decisions and drive business growth. Visit their website to learn more about their comprehensive suite of services and unlock the full potential of your data assets.